Common NC License Points

Common license points assigned for NC convictions:

NC License Points Conviction
5 Passing Stopped School Bus
- Aggressive Driving
4 Reckless Driving
- Hit and Run with Property Damage
- Following Too Closely
- Driving Wrong Side of Road
- Illegal Passing
- Failure to Yield
3 Running Stop Sign
- Failure to Stop for Siren
- Speeding in School Zone
2 Failure to Restrain Child
- All Other Moving Violations
1 Littering involving Motor Vehicle
0 Overweight | Overlength | Overheight | Overwidth
- Illegal parking | Carrying concealed weapon
- Improper plates | Improper registration
- Improper equipment | Improper muffler

Driver License Points are points placed on your driving record when a person is convicted of certain speeding ticket traffic violations. The best traffic lawyers will advise you that if a person receives 12 points or more within a three year period then it is likely their driver license will be revoked by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. If you are able to have your license reinstated thereafter, then 8 additional points within a three year period can result in a second suspension. If your license is suspended it may be taken for 60 days; 6 months for the second suspension; and 12 or more months for the third suspension.

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