NC Insurance Points

Convictions and At-Fault Accidents may create NC Insurance Points

North Carolina driver’s will be assessed NC insurance points for speeding ticket and traffic violation convictions or if they are determined to be at fault in a car accident during a three year “experience period.” A conviction may include pleas of guilty or no contest. Paying off a speeding ticket or traffic violation as may have been advised to you by law enforcement or other persons is an admission of guilt in which NC insurance points will be assessed.

NC Insurance Points Conviction or At-Fault Accident
12 Manslaughter or negligent homicide
- Prearranged highway racing
- Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more
- Driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .04 or more
- Driving while Impaired | DUI DWI
10 Highway racing
- Speeding to elude arrest
8 Driving during revocation or suspension of license
- Aggressive driving
4 Reckless Driving
- Hit and Run resulting in property damage only
- Passing a stopped school bus
- Speeding in excess of 75 mph when the speed limit is less than 70 mph
- Speeding in excess of 80 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph or greater
- Driving by a person less than age 21 after consuming alcohol or drugs
3 At fault accident resulting in death OR total bodily injury to all person in excess of $1800 OR resulting in total property damage including insured's own property of $3000 or more
2 Illegal passing
- Following too closely
- Driving on wrong side of road
- At-fault accident resulting in total property damage in excess of $1800 but less than $3000
- Speeding more than 10 mph over the speed limit provided the total speed is in excess of 55 mph but less than 76 mph
- Speeding 10 mph or less in excess of speed zone of 55 mph or greater
1 Speeding 10 mph over or less
- Exceeding safe speed
- No operator's license
- Failure to yield to a pedestrian
- At-fault accident resulting in bodily injury to all persons of $1800 or less OR resulting in property damage (including insureds own property) of $1800 or less
- Speeding 10 mph or less in excess of speed limit of less than 55 mph
- All Other Moving Violations

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