NC Defensive Driving School

Online NC Defensive Driving School Providers

There are numerous online defensive driving school providers that you may use to assist our firm with negotiating a reduced charged in cases such as reckless driving or extreme speeding cases. There may be other cheaper and just effective providers of this service.

Do not panic if the online provider does not specifically state that it is accepted in North Carolina courts because unless it has been ordered by the Court then the primary purpose we will use it for is to show the prosecutor that you have taking the voluntary step to accept responsibility and are willing to do whatever it may require to get the best reduction possible in your traffic case.

Online NC defensive driving school classes

Online Defensive Driving Class
By Traffic 101

Onsite NC Defense Driving School Providers

Some of my clients prefer to participate in onsite NC Defensive Driving School programs that are frequently held at local community / technical colleges such as the follow:

Forsyth Technical College

Wilkes Community College

Surry Community College

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