Waiver of Appearance Form

This form is intended to be used for persons whom are eligible to waive their appearance in Court and allow Welborn Law Firm, PLLC to appear on their behalf.
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  • WAIVER OF PERSONAL APPEARANCE: I hereby waive my right pursuant to NCGS 7A-148 et al., to appear for court, hearing, or trial and authorize my attorney, Jon W. Welborn, to enter a plea on my behalf that he deems is in my best interest. I understand that my attorney may enter a plea to the original charge or to a reduced charge. I understand that any fine and/or court costs associated with the plea will be my responsibility to pay directly to the Clerk of Superior Court of the aforementioned County unless I have made arrangements and tendered payment as required by Attorney. I authorize this Waiver by TYPING MY FULL LEGAL NAME below:
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