Improper Equipment in NC

Improper Equipment in NC

Improper Equipment in NC

1. Improper Equipment in NC may be faulty equipment or mechanical issues

First, Improper Equipment in NC may describe a vehicle having equipment or mechanical problems such as dangerous tires, improper muffler, or broken speedometer.

2. Improper Equipment in NC is now a lesser-included offense to a traffic ticket

Improper Equipment is a non-moving violation in North Carolina which means no insurance or insurance points will be assessed. It is often in the discretion of the district attorney to allow a ticket to be reduced to Improper Equipment in NC.

A prosecutor may allow a reduction to Improper Equipment for speeding ticket traffic violations, so long as certain conditions are present. Often the prosecutor will examine the driving history and facts of the case before offering a reduction to a traffic ticket. Improper equipment reductions vary county by county and are subject to the approval of the District Attorney.

Do I have to hire an attorney to request an improper equipment in NC on my speeding ticket traffic violation?

You do not need an attorney to request an improper equipment. The driver may appear in court and represent their own interests. An experienced attorney may be helpful. You have to decide if it is worth taking time off from work or school to go stand in line in hopes of having your case resolved. If it is not resolved on the initial court date you will be required to appear back in court on the next court date.

Think about it like this. If you were visiting a city for the first time. Would you stand in line at the bus stop, board an overcrowded bus for an unknown amount of time with no guarantee the bus will arrive at the destination that day? Hailing a taxi or hiring a lawyer may be an option you should consider.

The prosecutor has no duty to give everyone the same plea offer because each case varies. If you go to court and ask for a reduction the prosecutor is likely to reduce the charge, but how will you know if the offer made is what the hundred people before you received? You will not, but an experienced traffic law attorney should.

Why are the court costs for improper equipment in NC more than just paying off the speeding ticket traffic violation?

North Carolina assesses a surcharge or fine for improper equipment reductions. The additional surcharge for improper equipment in NC is $50.00. Regardless improper equipment will save you money in the long run even with the additional fine to the State.

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Will my insurance increase if I am found responsible of Improper Equipment in NC?

Improper equipment in NC is a non-moving violation and the conviction carries NO insurance traffic points. However, an improper equipment reduction will show up on a North Carolina driving record.

I am charged with a speeding ticket, should I get a speedometer calibration to help obtain improper equipment in NC?

Generally it is not necessary to have a speedometer calibration to obtain an improper equipment reduction on your speeding ticket traffic violation.

Will an improper equipment in NC show up on my driving record?

Yes it will show up on your North Carolina driving record. Some District Attorney’s offices do not require a statewide driving record be provided by  you or your attorney on your court date so you should know what the local rules are for the county in which you have been charged.

What will a North Carolina speeding ticket reduction to improper equipment do to an out-of-state driver?

To answer this question, the out-of-state driver needs to speak with an attorney that is licensed in the State where their license was issued. An attorney is only capable of rendering legal advice for the State(s) in which they are licensed to practice law.

Most traffic citations in North Carolina can be resolved without the driver being required to appear in a North Carolina court.

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