Commercial motor vehicle points – Effect of Traffic Violation

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Commercial motor vehicle points

Generally the effects of traffic violation convictions while operating a commercial motor vehicle are enhanced from that of operating a standard motor vehicle.

Common commercial motor vehicle points assigned to conviction are as follows:

Point Value – Conviction

8 – Passing stopped school bus
6 – Careless and reckless driving G.S. 20-140(f)
6 – Speeding in violation of G.S. 20-141(j3)
6 – Aggressive Driving
6 – Reckless Driving
5 – Hit and run, property damage only
5 – Following too closely
5 – Driving on wrong side of road
4 – Running through stop sign / red light

For more details on the commercial motor vehicle points system including the license points for certain conviction of violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle see the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook or the  North Carolina Commercial Driver’s Manual.

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