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Inpatient Treatment Providers in NC for DWI Substance Abuse

The following are some of the inpatient treatment providers for driving while impaired or substance abuse disorders in North Carolina  Addiction Recovery Care Association, Winston Salem ARCA incorporates current best practice approaches with the well-established and widely respected 12 step models to meet its mission to serve individuals with Substance Use Disorders and their families, [..]

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NC General Statutes Drugs

Below are some of the more important drug related statutes entitled, NC General Statutes Drugs NCGS § 90-87 – Definitions NCGS § 90-90 – Schedule II controlled substances NCGS § 90-91 – Schedule III controlled substances NCGS § 90-92 – Schedule IV controlled substances NCGS § 90-93 – Schedule V controlled substances NCGS § 90-94 – Schedule VI controlled substances NCGS § [..]

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Criminal Law Drug Charges – What is Possession of Controlled Substances?

Criminal Law Drug Charges – What Constitutes Possession of Controlled Substances? What is Possession of Controlled Substances? North Carolina General Statutes § 90 – 95 (a)(3) Elements of Possession of Controlled Substances: A person guilty of possession of controlled substances if they knowingly possess a controlled substance. Possession of Controlled Substances may be either actual or constructive.  State [..]

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