Are you accepting responsibility?

Accepting responsibility is not always easy

“Are we going to be there on time?,” inquires the little voice from the back seat.

I could not acknowledge the question or else I would have to admit responsibility for my own actions given rise to my family’s tardiness.

With fingers cross, I hurried across the parking lot. Maybe by some chance there is an empty spot near the front. I knew the answer to that as well…..

No near proximity parking spot for this guy today. It is all good, I think to myself as I finally locate a parking spot near the back of the church.

I jump out and quickly begin unbuckling my four year old’s seat. My eyes glance up only to see my wife speed walking with baby, car seat, and nearly bursting at the seams diaper bag in tow. Her pace fast, deliberate, and with total disregard for my whereabouts.

“Daddy, are we late?” my sweet little 4 year old mini-Amber asks. “Well, maybe just a few minutes honey,” I respond knowing that to be a huge stretch of the truth.

Yep…… I am going to hear about this one later…. Just like the countless Sunday mornings before when the needs of my clan (Clash of Clans) outweighed the needs of my wife / family to arrive at church on time.

  « « « «  Spoiler Alert  » » » »

Let me spoil the ending and just tell you that my wife HATES being late to church. I know it, she knows it, my 4 year old knows it, and I am sure most of the people that we sit near in church knows it. I know that she does not like to have to hunt for a seat while juggling two young children.

I agree that it can be frustrating. I should be more responsible and plan ahead to ensure that I am on time more often. I struggle with being on time most every day of the week. It is not that I do not care about where I am suppose to be, or what I am suppose to be doing… because I have good intentions. But wait a minute…. am I really accepting responsibility if I am now attempting to justify it to you? Clearly, I am not.

It turned out to be very fitting that Pastor Jerry’s sermon just so happened to be about being responsible. As his sermon continued, the realization of my own irresponsibility began taking form. I had not been responsible with my time that morning. I know I am not the only one that procrastinates and then makes up an excuse how it was not my fault… but being responsible is far more important than just getting the best seat in church. The truth is that our irresponsibility affects everyone around us.

Are you accepting responsibility for your relationship with others? for your legal situation? for your life?

I interact regularly with those that fail to understand, acknowledge, and comprehend their responsibility in creating the situation now given rise to their need for legal intervention.

Some irresponsibility is easier to see, such as the person who recklessly engages in conduct in which they should know exposes other persons to danger. But what about the parent that talks bad about the other parent while in the presence of their child? Are they being responsible?

We all make mistakes that we later regret, but accept responsibility for it and move on. Take control of your life and be responsible for your situation. I can assure you that if you do then the legal process itself will be considerably easier on you physically, emotionally, and financially.

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written by Jon Welborn

Jon is an experienced trial attorney with over 10 years litigating a variety of cases in all NC Trial Courts. Recently Jon announced his candidacy as a NC Superior Court Judicial Candidate in the 22B Judicial District. To find out more visit his campaign site at