7 things to look for to find the Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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Finding the best traffic ticket lawyer is possible

Finding the best traffic ticket lawyer is not as difficult as you may think, but in comparing attorneys you should know what the best traffic ticket lawyers should offer clients.

The Best Traffic Ticket Lawyers …

1. The best traffic ticket lawyers keep their clients from having to appear in court.

If you hire one of the best traffic ticket lawyers  you should not have to appear in court.  You should be able to complete forms such as Waiver of Appearance so you do not have to take time off to appear in court when you need to be at work, school, or any other place besides court.

2. The best best traffic ticket lawyers have a close working relationship with both the Prosecutors and Judges of the District / County where the person is charged.  

Do not automatically discount an attorney because his principle office is located in another county than where you are charged. This does not automatically discredit the attorneys ability to help because attorneys often practice in several judicial districts.

3. The best best traffic ticket lawyers are trial experienced in North Carolina Criminal Court.

If the attorney has never been exposed to higher level charges especially in an adversarial setting such as a jury trial then how well are they going to be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure your rights are defending?

4. The best traffic ticket lawyers have systems in place to ensure that you are always informed of your case.

The most common complaint from clients is that their attorney does not keep them informed. Make sure the attorney is agreeable to speak directly with you about  your case and has open channels to communicate outside of business hours in case an emergency arises and contact with your lawyer is necessary.

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5. The best traffic ticket lawyers have the willingness to pay the court costs and fines on your behalf if you prepaid by client 

If the attorneys are unwilling to do such then they may not have their clients best interest in mind.

6. The best traffic ticket lawyers have clear fee structures

They should clearly explain there are no hidden fees for things such as continuances, consults, phone calls, copying, postage, etc.

7. The best traffic ticket lawyers clearly communicate with you

They should inform you of the likely outcome in your case, including the effects any convictions may have on your insurance and  to answer any questions you may have regarding the court process, court fines and fees, or likely total costs.

When searching for the best traffic ticket lawyer watch out for:

  1. Attorneys that guarantee you results.  Even though the State Bar of North Carolina prohibits such guarantees, I still hear it almost everyday from prospective clients that this or that attorney guaranteed to get me [fill in the blank].  It is hard for me to believe that any attorney would be willing to risk the suspension or revocation of their license as a result of such comments but when I have heard the same attorneys names over and over I tend to believe that it does happen.
  2. Attorney fees that are cut throat, negotiable, or below any competitors prices.  When the standard hourly rate of an attorney billing hourly rates are often several hundred dollars per hour, how much time do you think the lawyers charging $40.00 are going to invest in your case? Do you think they will even know your name and what your charge is before walking into court?
  3. Attorneys that you can never communicate with.  As a trial attorney I am very well aware of the hectic schedules that we sometimes have.  It is not uncommon for an attorney to have to be in several different courts at the same time.  But if you have not been able to reasonably get in touch with your attorney then there is a problem.  If you have called and left messages for your attorney or sent e-mail after e-mail without response, then you may have a problem in which you should seek other counsel for your legal issue.

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written by Jon Welborn

Jon is an experienced trial attorney with over 10 years litigating a variety of cases in all NC Trial Courts.

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